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Aim & Objective



A). The Basic Purpose of this web-site is to connect the youth from various back-grounds on this unilateral place in order to avail the service across, for the benefit of society as a whole.

B).The aim of this page is to provide a splendid occasion to every youth member of society so that they can connect with the other memeber. The various types of updates will be available on this page nad yes with easy access.

C). We will try to make sure the updating of page timely on variuos issues i.e. results, employment news etc.


A).All memebers are requested to establish yourself on member directory, so that others can connect you easily. Also put your E-mail address and contact number as well.

B). Our efforts would be in the direction to channelize the members in order to reduce the communication gap between the members. You should contact for the reasoble cause to the other person when you really need the help or contact to those person who need your help.

C).Maximum utilization should be there for the sake of serving the purpose of this page.


A).Member should generate a self desire to help each other as a unite of same family. A single mind set of memebrs will really help in achieving the aims and objective behind the creation of this opportunity.

B).All are requested to take the service and in consideration avail yourself in giving the service as well.

C). Various types of help is expected to the members in their respective areas, we hope you all will guide the needy people.